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Financial and Managerial Accounting Services

Accounting, as activity specializes in the measurement, the evaluation, the knowledge, the management and the control of assets, liabilities and shareholders' equity, and the results obtained from companies and self-employed persons ensure chronological and systematic recording, processing and preserving information on the financial position , financial performance and cash flows, for their internal requirements, as well as in the relationships with present and potential investors, financial and commercial creditors, customers, public institutions and other users.

Principles-based Accounting

  • Cash register drawing, entry reception notes, commercial invoices ,consumption bonds, transfer notes, delivery notes and other documents which serve as basis for accounting records.

Financial and management accounting

  • Book-keeping of the payment and income records and bank account extracts.
  • Book-keeping of suppliers’ bills on analytic and synthetic, highlighting suppliers depending on payment date.
  • Book-keeping of customers’ bills on analytic and synthetic, highlighting customers based on the invoices data.
  • Calculation of liabilities to the state budget and local budgets, BASS, preparing the documents for the payment;
  • Book-keeping of the sales and purchases for the VAT refund, preparation and submission of the documents required for the VAT refund.
  • Preparation and submission of the 100 declaration regarding payment obligations to the state budget, the 102 declaration regarding payment obligations to social insurance budgets and special funds, the 101 declaration regarding the profit tax, registration statements for tax-payers (010, 020, 030, 050, 060), preparation of the 394 and 390 declarations.
  • We offer assistance and guidance to the company's heritage inventory, according to the 82/1994 law.
  • Calculation and highlighting the profit / income tax of micro-enterprises, according to the 571/2003 law in the fiscal code and all subsequent amendments;
  • Registration and highlighting the staff payment accounts;
  • Registration, calculation of depreciation, sheet preparation and preparation of the book inventory for fixed assets.
  • Highlighting the inventory items on stocks and the calculation of their depreciation;
  • Establishment of the register of stocks and stock records;
  • Closing accounts and preparing the checking balance for the accounts, synthetic and analytical;
  • Drawing monthly balance sheet;
  • Creating economic situations (balance sheet);

Other financial accounting services

  • Preparation and analysis of financial accounting reports useful for the company’s management
  • The loan and leasing files
  • Preparation of income and expenses
  • Obtaining fiscal certificates
  • Making the scores with financial administration
  • Other reports upon request
  • Evaluation of assets
  • Creating the financial accounts policy under the international accounting standards
  • Assistance for the financial accounting department
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